Lindsay was raised in Mtn. Green, Utah and went to Morgan High School. A natural athlete, he participated in football and wrestling. He excelled at both sports, earning Utah High School’s 2A Most Valuable Player and State Champion Heavyweight Wrestler. After his senior year of high school, he was met with some devastating news and was diagnosed with a kidney disease called IgA nephropathy. Also known as Berger’s disease, this occurs when an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA) lodges in the kidneys, resulting in inflammation that over time, can hamper the kidney’s ability to filter waste from the blood. Lindsay was told that eventually he would need to have new kidneys.

Being so young, he was easily able to rationalize his symptoms of his kidney disease, telling himself his soreness & fatigue was due to rigorous training or that the dark colored urine meant he probably needed to drink more water. So he went on with his life, receiving a football scholarship to Dixie Jr. College. After playing for two years, he went on to play football for Utah State University, again excelling. Due to his outstanding plays and natural athleticism, he was named an All Big West Defensive Lineman his senior year.

But, as they say, when one door closes, another one opens and it wasn’t long before he was offered an opportunity to be a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at San Jose State. This led to an offer to play in the Arena Football League for the Oklahoma Wranglers.

During this time in his life he met his wife Julie Judd on a blind date. Julie said they thought one another were cute, but on their first date Lindsay didn’t say a word. He wouldn’t answer any of Julie’s questions, so in her words, she thought he was a jerk. She later found out, he was battling an ear infection on their date and couldn’t hear a thing. They didn’t go out again for another couple of weeks, but he intrigued her, which held her interest. A year later, after two years playing for Oklahoma, they were married! As they started their new, adventurous life together, Lindsay signed to play for the Arizona Rattlers. While they were busy living a new life together and making memories, the IgA nephropathy was slowly doing its damage to Lindsay’s kidneys.

Only three years into his stint with the Rattlers, he received a devastating career-ending injury to his left knee. Due to his phenomenal reputation, he was fortunate enough to gain another coaching job with the Utah Blaze. Unfortunately this was short lived and the arena football league folded, leaving him without a job.

As fate would have it, his temporary time with the Blaze led him to discover the next chapter of his life. Feeling disappointed, jobless, and down on his luck, a friend approached him about this “crazy thing called CrossFit”. Lindsay agreed to meet him the next morning to do a workout called the “Filthy 50”. When it was over, Lindsay knew this was exactly what he needed in his life.

Though the CrossFit workouts were intense and painful, all he could think of is how awesome the experience was and from that day forward, it was implemented into his daily exercise routine. CrossFit gave him that athletic challenge he hadn’t been able to find since playing football. With time, he became stronger, leaner and healthier. Lindsay approached the general manager of the Ogden Athletic Club, and was able to convince him to become a CrossFit affiliate and implement a CrossFit program. They gathered up some old equipment that wasn’t being used, as well as a couple friends to come and try a CrossFit class. The rest is history.

Nearly nine years later, CrossFit The Club has gone from four people to over 200 members. His gamble became a success, and by risking it all, he has helped hundreds of people find health, happiness, and purpose. His program has created camaraderie to last a lifetime and his wife Julie has supported him through it all, even becoming an avid CrossFitter herself!

Lindsay and Julie now have four beautiful kids and life has always found a way of working itself out. A little over 40, Lindsay thought he was feeling the effects of natural aging. He had, after all, always pushed his body to its full potential in training. Wasn’t it natural for him to have aches, pains, and fatigue? Unbeknownst to him, Lindsay was silently suffering the effects of kidney failure.

Doctor’s visits and multiple tests revealed that he has stage 5 kidney disease and was, in fact, in end stage renal failure. The only solution? A kidney transplant. Reality, not yet setting in, Lindsay and Julie gave their families the news. Many of them were eager to be tested, including Julie herself.

Julie, the mother of his sweet children, and stalwart companion through it all, tested positive to be a match and will be giving Lindsay one of her kidneys.

Any money donated to Lindsay and Julie will go towards any bills, expenses, needs of the family, as well as long-term medication, and loss of income due to recovery time.

Here is how you can help:

There are two options for any and all Monetary Donations:

  • A GoFundMe account has been set up for the Hassell family. Click the button below for this method.

Go Fund Me for the Hassell family

Please contact Connie Martinez (801)-900-7152 for any questions regarding monetary donations and account information.

Crossfit the Club is putting on Crossfit Summer Games – Kidney for Coach

  • August 12th at Crossfit The Club. We would love to see you there!

          Please contact Brooke Fuit (801)-710-9592 for more information.

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